Galvanized Steel

Surface Finish Mills Finished / Coil / Corrugated
Thickness 0.15mm - 1.2mm / Width: 60mm - 1500mm
Color RAL

Galvanized steel is produced by passing cold rolled steel through a kettle containing molten zinc. This metal-coating process ensures the adhesion of zinc to the surface of the steel sheet, which provides excellent corrosion resistance through a process of sacrificial corrosion. Applications include roofing, base material for pre-painting, ducting and other construction-related uses. Available in plain or pre-painted sheets or coils.


SNGradeFull HardCorrugatedSoft, Commercial & LFQ
1 Specification & Grade EN 10142(FEP02), EN10143, ASTM A 653 / ASTM A 924, CQ, LFQ
    JIS G 3302 & Other Equivalent Specifications
2Width Range (mm)600 to 1500 mm600 to 1500 mm Width before Corrugation600 to 1500 mm
(LFQ & Drawing Quality)
3Thickness Range (mm)0.15 to 1.20 mm0.15 to 1.20 mm0.20 to 1.20 mm
4Coil DiameterStandardStandardStandard
4.1Inner diameterID 508 mm
ID 610 mm
Not ApplicableID 508 mm
ID 610 mm
4.2Outer diameter1500 mm MaxN.A1500 mm Max
5Cut to LengthUp to 3600 mm &nbsp
6Coil Weight1.5 to 6 MTN.A1.5 to 6 MT
7Packet WeightN.AFor Sheets - 2 MT & aboveN.A
8 Surface Treatment Chromated & Dry with Regular / Minimized Spangles Chromated & Dry
Slightly Oiled
9 Zinc Coating (g/m2) 90 to 275 GSM (Gram per 90 to 275 GSM (Gram per
10GradesHardHard-RoofingSoft-D,DD,LFQ & Skin passed
11 Winding Controlled Staggered Winding (14 mm Max) Controlled Staggered Winding (14 mm Max)