Super Galvalume Steel - Heat Insulated + Corrosion Protection

Super Galvalume Steel is made from 9 layers of materials by high precision and seamless bonding technology. It has the following advantages comparing to other Galvalume Steel.

  • High efficiency heat insulation
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • A class Fire resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Noise reduction - High elastic substance.
  • Self cleaning - Antistatic agent.
  • High plasticity - Able to form complicated profiles.
  • Energy saving - Sun's light reflection.
  • Long lasting surface appearance

It is the ideal substitute for the PU / EPS / Rock Wool sandwich panels, with the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy transportation and non toxic product.

Super 1
Super Galvalume Steel Coil
Heat Insulation
Specification Meter / Ton KG / Meter
T0.37 x W10004252.35
T0.42 x W10003682.72
T0.47 x W10003203.12
T0.52 x W10002823.55
T0.57 x W10002563.91
Super Galvalume Steel Coil
Heat Insulation + Corrosion Protection
Specification Meter / Ton KG / Meter
T0.45 x W10004082.45
T0.50 x W10003552.82
T0.55 x W10003113.22
T0.60 x W10002743.65
T0.65 x W10002513.98

The Performance Comparison Chart

Best Steel Sheet 0.5mmCommon Steel Sheet 0.5mmSuper Galvalume SteelAluminum Sheet (Roof) 0.7mmPU Foam PanelRock Wool Sandwich PanelFluorine Carbon Plate
Thermal Insulation effectbadbadbadbadgoodgoodbad
Service life in normal environment15 years10 years20 years20 years5 years5 years20 years
life in acid and alkali environment5 years2 years10 years10 years10 years10 years10 years
Acid and alkali resistancemidbadgoodgoodbadbadgood
Weather resistantmidbadgoodgoodbadmidbad
Noise reductionbadbadgoodmidgoodgoodgood
Self cleaningbadbadgoodgoodbadbadgood
Product strengthgoodgoodgoodbadgoodgoodgood
Fireproof ratingA1A2A1B1B2A2A1
Product costhighhighlowhighhighhighmid